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    • Lee Gittings
      Former Sales Director for UK and Ireland at Boehringer Ingelheim
      Throughout Sarah’s time working with us I was so impressed by the way she combined immense knowledge and expertise with an ability to articulate ideas simply and make advice tangible and doable.
    • Leonie Williamson
      Senior manager at a large telecommunications brand
      Sarah has completely transformed my view of myself and what I can achieve – both professionally and personally. She’s helped me develop in my career to the point where I don’t feel scared or held back by obstacles I face, but instead am confident to take on the next challenge. I am incredibly thankful to her and would recommend her wholeheartedly.
    • Sarah Montagne
      Head of EU Regulatory Policy and Regulatory Affairs UK at Bayer
      Overall I’ve found that Sarah has such a great energy and sense of fun – she’s friendly, kind, and funny, as well as being a very clear and engaging communicator. Plus she just really knows her stuff. I’ve loved spending time with her and I know my team loved her too. I’d have her back in anytime and can promise you that you won’t regret using her.
    • Reena Cholera
      Head of Sales at Bayer
      Ultimately Sarah has made it possible for me to come to work every day and operate at my best at a very high level, feeling confident in my abilities and positive about my contribution. I am so grateful and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone
    • Su Smith
      Strategic Solutions Director at Bedrock Healthcare Communications
      What makes Sarah such an effective coach is that it never seems like just a job to her – she really cares about you and your progress and is very gentle and kind. She’s also great at knowing when to talk and when to just listen, when to give you direction and when to let you find the answer for yourself.