How I Can Help

How I Can help

I work with senior leaders, entrepreneurs, ambitious high-potential individuals and senior teams, who want to flourish and be the best they can be. I help them achieve their ambitions without having to sacrifice personal relationships and well-being.

I can help you thrive in a high-pressure environment, avoid burnout, and step into being happy, confident, and successful.

My areas of specialism are around personal impact and storytelling; well-being and resilience; supporting women in leadership roles; and creating inclusive team cultures. However my coaching work is always bespoke. Whatever your individual or team challenges, I’ll work with you to design a programme that can help you achieve your goals – whether it’s through 1-1 coaching, facilitated group workshops, or ongoing team development.

All my coaching sessions, whether I work with people 1-1 or in groups, are energetic, interactive, and highly practical – I guarantee people will leave with tools and ideas they can immediately put into practice. I work with my clients virtually and face to face. No matter what the topic, my passion is always to empower people to be more creative, confident, and free. To play more and stress less. To throw off normal patterns of thinking and behaviour and make room for new ideas, attitudes, and actions.

So if you’d like to grow your confidence, happiness, productivity and success at work, or that of your team, let’s start a conversation today.

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Grow your confidence and take control, increasing your impact and power to influence

Perhaps you would like to have more gravitas, or to speak up in meetings with total assurance. Maybe you find yourself dreading challenging conversations or networking situations. Or it might be that you would like to have an incredible elevator pitch or be able to present with complete confidence. I can introduce you to a number of body language insights, conversational and listening tools, positive-mindset exercises, and rapport-building techniques that will help you grow your self-confidence and feel fully in control of any nerves. You can learn to network and build professional relationships with assurance, clearly and confidently express your ideas and opinions, and make the most of – or even create – new career opportunities.


Learn how to lead, present, and influence with passion, inspiring and motivating those around you.

Whether you need to sell new ideas in-house, pitch to prospective clients, or motivate your team, the ability to have real presence, and to engage and persuade people is key. I can teach you storytelling skills that will enthral and inspire your listeners, alongside a range of breathing, speaking, and posture techniques that allow you to manage your nerves and present yourself and your message in a entertaining and compelling way. As a result your more creative, relatable, and enjoyable approach to motivating others will not only grow your success, but can also have a hugely positive impact on working relationships and team performance.


Improve your well-being and move from surviving to thriving in a high-pressure environment.

Many of the leaders I work with are hugely successful and appear to be leading incredibly impressive personal and professional lives – but often they’re coping at the cost of their own health and well-being. So we’ll tap into a series of mindfulness exercises, positive psychology techniques, and resilience-building activities to help you take better care of yourself, this in turn will have a hugely positive impact on your personal relationships and professional progression. When we are flourishing, our ability to be proactive, strategic and productive vastly improves. Together we’ll make sure that you’re not simply surviving but actively thriving in your work, gaining the energy and optimism you need to flourish in high-pressure environments and be the best leader you can be.


Help individuals better thrive and connect, creating strong, happy, and high-performing teams.

The teams that perform best are the ones in which every member is energised and resilient enough to flourish. These kinds of teams also attract and hold on to the best talent. So with a combination of practical exercises and guided discussions I can bring personal resilience skills into a group context, helping people to think more deeply and considerately about how they interact with one another, the language they use to communicate, how they set and respect one another’s boundaries, and the ways in which they deal with failure and celebrate success. The result will be a happy, inclusive, better-connected, and ultimately higher-performing team, where every individual is fulfilling their potential as well as driving team performance.

Women in Leadership

Thrive as a woman in leadership. 

There’s overwhelming evidence that organisations led by gender-balanced teams are more profitable and successful – so it’s not just fair, it’s effective. Much of the the most recent research shows us that women still face multiple, sometimes invisible, challenges. There are many women leaving large organisations through burn-out and frustration, and taking a huge range of skills, talent and experience with them. I am passionate about supporting senior and aspiring women to fulfil their potential and achieve their ambitions. I see my clients grow in confidence, find their most authentic voices, hone their unique leadership style, and boost and maintain resilience even when under pressure.

Learn how to nurture diverse & inclusive working environments.

I love using my many years of experience in D&I to help organisations build diverse teams and an inclusive culture. I work to create wider awareness of factors such as; use of language, team narrative, subtle unconscious bias, talent pipeline, team culture, ways of working, meeting culture and organisation processes. My interventions are open, energising and encourage practical solutions for positive change. We will create a team culture where everyone is flourishing and performance is optimal.

Together we can make sure that female leaders are empowered to operate at their best and that your organisational culture is diverse, inclusive, and benefiting from a wide range of voices.

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