Carmen Reglero Andrés
Principal Technical Product Manager, Amazon

Discovering Yourself with Women on a Mission

The Challenge – Moving away from autopilot

Carmen entered the Women on a Mission programme to help move forward in her career journey. Her challenge was breaking free from autopilot – reacting without thought and navigating through self-doubt.

“Previously, I never felt like I needed coaching that was specifically female-focused. Then I read a couple of books looking at the challenges that women can face in the corporate environment, and I had a moment where everything just clicked – I realised I had experienced a lot of these challenges. It was an eye-opening moment to realise that it isn’t just me – that I have these challenges in common with other women.”


The Women on a Mission programme gave me awareness. It helped me to get out of autopilot and guided me towards an understanding of why I react and how I behave. Before this, I would find myself in situations where I was reacting without thought.”

The Solution – A path to self-awareness and discovery

The Women on a Mission programme became a catalyst for change, enabling Carmen to discover herself and her passions, identify her values and strengths and find her purpose. The programme encouraged self-reflection, journaling, and thoughtful consideration, providing the time and confidential space to navigate her path intentionally, define her leadership vision and create the toolbox of skills to bring it to life.

“We have done several exercises about our core values and our strengths, which have given me a higher level of awareness about what is really important to me. Now it’s about making sure that those core values and my strengths are put to use both professionally and personally.
Now, I am aware of the things that ‘trigger’ me and I’m able to consciously take a different response to that situation. This has only been possible through increased awareness of myself and being able to say with confidence that this is what I want to be; this is my true self; this is the direction that I want to go.”

The power of Women in a Mission lies in its ability to forge connections and support among other female leaders on the programme. As the women shared experiences, they coached and uplifted each other, not only addressing professional challenges but also serving as a platform for personal growth.

“All the women on the programme brought their different backgrounds, different interests, and different goals, and we found common ground in our challenges, both professional and personal, and were able to coach and support each other.
Most of us are busy women. Taking time to stop, reflect, journal and really think about what we want to do, has been incredible. This programme encourages us to make the time and gives us the tools to guide us through.”

The Transformation – Impacting every aspect of life

Carmen’s journey with Women on a Mission led to a remarkable transformation. The increased self-awareness empowered her to break free from autopilot, consciously shaping her responses and decisions. The impact extended beyond her professional leadership journey, touching every aspect of her life, enabling her to forge her unique path and embrace her true self.

“I came into this very focused on a career/professional perspective, but it has gone beyond that and helped everything to fall into place. It has turned into coaching that has impacted my whole life – which has been amazing. If you’re wondering what your next step should be, or can’t see a clear route ahead, I think Women on a Mission is a great place to start. It provides all the tools you need to navigate your way and forge your own path.”

Carmen’s resounding endorsement of the programme has helped other women seeking career progression move forward feeling empowered, enlightened, energised, and equipped with the tools needed to guide their journeys.


“I would describe Women on a Mission as empowering. It provides you with assignments and tools to define your strengths and yourself. I have already recommended the programme to a friend who is having a lot of issues in a similar working environment to me, in a very male-dominated organisation. I would recommend it to every woman looking for career progression.”


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