Leonie Williamson
Senior manager at a large telecommunications brand

A Journey to Confidence in Presentations

The Challenge – Battling hyperhidrosis and presentation anxiety

Leonie had long grappled with hyperhidrosis, a condition causing intense nervousness during presentations. Physical symptoms such as a flushed face, clammy hands, and difficulty maintaining balance made presenting a source of deep embarrassment.

Despite addressing some physical symptoms independently, Leonie realised that the underlying issues persisted. Determined to find a solution, the decision was made to seek professional coaching.


“As long as I can remember I’ve suffered from hyperhidrosis. I get very, very nervous when I’m presenting, my face goes bright red, my hands are clammy, and I struggle to keep my balance. It’s horrible and hugely embarrassing. While I have dealt with some of the physical symptoms, I’d made little progress so decided to get some professional coaching.”

The Solution – Controlling fight or flight and embracing authenticity

In collaboration with Sarah, Leonie embarked on a transformative journey. The primary focus was on managing the fight-or-flight response, incorporating breathing techniques and presentation tools to help Leonie stay calm, focused, and centred when speaking. A major breakthrough came with a revelation about rehearsing. Leonie learned to trust her knowledge, discarding the need for excessive rehearsal. Sarah’s guidance emphasized speaking authentically from expertise, fostering a more relaxed and engaging dialogue.

“One of my biggest revelations was about rehearsing. I had always felt the need to go over and over the material, as I thought that that would protect me from the nerves when it was part of the problem! Sarah has helped me realise that I really do know my field and that I’m much better when I just speak from that knowledge. And it’s very freeing not trying to remember but instead to just share my ideas and expertise off the cuff.”

The Transformation – A shift in self-perception

Leonie expressed deep appreciation for Sarah’s tailored approach, emphasizing that it was never a ‘one-size-fits-all’ strategy. Sarah’s ability to identify the root cause of challenges and prioritise key issues made their time together purposeful and impactful. Beyond her professional expertise, Sarah’s warmth and approachability created a safe space for vulnerability, making the coaching process comfortable and collaborative.

“Sarah’s just so lovely! It makes her easy to work with because you’re not intimidated or afraid to be vulnerable – she makes you feel comfortable as soon as you meet her. She listens and adapts her advice to you and your situation. She takes the time to work out the root cause of your challenge and helps to prioritise the key issues so that they have a meaningful impact.”

Sarah’s coaching not only addressed the immediate challenges of hyperhidrosis and presentation anxiety but also played a pivotal role in Leonie’s broader personal and professional development. Leonie no longer felt intimidated or held back by obstacles and instead gained the confidence to embrace new challenges, signalling a profound shift in self-perception and a realisation of untapped potential. In essence, the work together became a catalyst for wider transformation and paved the way for continued growth, both professionally and personally.

“I now get up in front of large groups and just speak – with no rehearsal. And it’s been great, the feedback I’ve had has been amazing and I’ve enjoyed myself and felt so much more confident. It’s such a huge milestone for me – I would never have been able to do that before working with Sarah.
And the work continues. I’m working on being more comfortable presenting standing up – but for the first time ever, I feel that this is something I can overcome – and it’s Sarah who’s given me that confidence.”


“She’s helped me develop in my career to the point where I don’t feel scared or held back by obstacles I face, but instead am confident to take on the next challenge.

Sarah has completely transformed my view of myself and what I can achieve – both professionally and personally.”


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