Reena Cholera
Head of Sales at Bayer

Captivating Audiences with Confidence and Charisma

The Challenge – Bridging the gap from small groups to large audiences

For Reena, leading and motivating in small groups was enjoyable, but the transition to presenting in larger settings proved challenging.

Feedback highlighted a lack of confidence and gravitas, diminishing her effectiveness on stage.

The “spark” that made them inspiring in intimate settings seemed to dissipate in larger forums. Recognising the need for improvement, Reena sought coaching to enhance her presentation skills.


“I’ve always enjoyed leading and motivating people one-on-one or in small groups – and am comfortable in my abilities as an encouraging and inspiring leader in that context. But carrying that over into a larger group setting or presenting to a full room, has been a challenge for me. Feedback suggested that while I was clearly passionate, I lacked the confidence and gravitas needed and the ‘spark’ that made me so effective in small groups was lost once I got up on stage.”

The Solution – Addressing the root cause and building self-belief

Sarah, unlike conventional coaches, took a unique approach. Instead of solely addressing presentation techniques, she delved into the root cause of Reena’s challenge—self-belief. Cultural influences and the broader business context, particularly as a woman, contributed to Reena’s struggle with accepting their rightful place in a senior role. This breakthrough became the foundation for the transformative work together.

Sarah’s background as an actor provided a distinctive advantage. While offering tips and techniques, she connected deeply Reena’s personality. The coaching wasn’t about creating a generic “good presenter” but rather enhancing body language, posture, and tone to bring out the client’s authentic personality and passion. The focus shifted beyond skills to fostering an individualised, compelling speaking style.

“How Sarah approached my challenges has been transformative for my personal and professional life. Most coaches would have helped me with my presentation technique – and that was really what I was expecting. But Sarah’s focus was on first getting to the root of the problem, rather than just addressing the symptoms. And it didn’t take too much discussion for her to realise that what lay at the heart of things for me was a huge lack of self-belief.
I realised that I was having trouble accepting that I belonged in a senior role. But Sarah was amazing, and she really helped me see that I didn’t need to feel ‘grateful’ about having my job –I earned my position and I have just as much right to be here as any of my peers.”

The Transformation – From self-doubt to unwavering confidence

The impact of Sarah’s coaching extended far beyond the realm of presentation skills. Reena underwent a profound transformation in her thinking, overcoming self-doubt and embracing her capabilities. Colleagues noticed a remarkable difference in her presentation style, praising her newfound confidence, clarity, and compelling leadership. She not only excelled in delivering ideas but also navigated senior-level meetings with increased confidence, clarity, and assertiveness.

The testimonial emphasizes Sarah’s unique approach and ability to truly understand and support clients and ultimately, helped Reena operate at her best, leaving a lasting impact on both professional performance and personal happiness.



““I’m honestly now totally transformed in terms of what I feel capable of – and I’m not the only one to have noticed the change. So many colleagues have been astounded by the difference they’ve seen and have been overwhelmingly positive about how I’ve presented new ideas and led meetings. (In fact, once they found out it was because I worked with Sarah, they’ve all been keen to get in touch and work with her too!) I’ve also generally found it so much easier to be in meetings and simply hold myself differently, speak with more confidence, and be clearer in my ideas and opinions.

I absolutely can’t say enough positive things about Sarah’s coaching and support. Ultimately Sarah has made it possible for me to come to work every day and operate at my best at a very high level, feeling confident in my abilities and positive about my contribution.”


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