The Power of Coaching: Coaching Skills for Managers and Leaders

The Power of Coaching workshop equips leaders with essential coaching skills to drive high performance and motivate their teams effectively. The session will guide leaders through an engaging, interactive process that explores a range of practice tools and techniques, which culminates in a practice and feedback session.

Participants will walk away with a comprehensive grasp of coaching principles and the ability to conduct coaching conversations with greater proficiency when interacting with their direct reports.

Engaging & Relevant

“Sarah always delivers her training with her very personable approach and engages with her audience through discussions and exercises, while backing up the theories presented with the relevant research.

Feedback from Sarah’s session was super positive and drove many further conversations during the breaks.”

Julia Bishop - Device Marketing Lead at Microsoft

Charisma & Presence

“Sarah has charisma, presence, and the ability to connect with each member of the audience while holding space for the group to come together in a shared experience.

She left a lasting impression and transformed our understanding of resilience.”

Daisy Chung - Senior Lecturer in Management

Positive Feedback

“Sarah is very personable and artfully keeps her audience engaged, even though some of them may struggle to see the value, at first!

The content is always to the point and is broken up with interactive breakout sessions, keeping the energy high. Feedback from Sarah's sessions are super positive.”

Binda Sewak


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