Our aim is to create a brighter future, not just for your organisation but for you and your team as whole individuals.

Our fresh approach to leadership and team development goes beyond the conventional measures of success. We believe that true leadership involves nurturing the whole person, considering their values, passions, well-being and overall happiness. We recognise that a leader’s ability to connect with their team, inspire innovation and drive productivity is deeply intertwined with their own happiness and well-being.

Whole-person leadership isn’t just our focus; it’s our speciality. We don’t just focus on refining leadership skills, we help individuals find their most authentic voices, align their values with their roles, and lead with authenticity and a deep connection to their purpose. Our expertise extends to bringing teams together, fostering connection and cohesion and creating a workplace where everyone thrives.

As my business has grown and evolved, I have carefully curated a small team of highly skilled and experienced coaches, facilitators, and communication specialists, who all share in the belief of whole-person leadership.

Together, we’re creating a legacy of transformative leadership, nurturing both professional success and personal fulfilment.

Sam Bishop

Executive & Performance Psychology Coach

With a decade of experience working with elite-performing athletes and professional sports teams, Sam is an experienced Executive and Performance Psychology Coach. He has successfully adapted his coaching style from the sports fields to the boardroom, working with senior business leaders.

Sam’s expertise lies in providing clarity of thought to clients and reconnecting leaders to their power pack for peak performance. He regularly delivers empowering keynotes, sharing learnings from elite athletes and teams.

Matt Robinson

Coach & Facilitator

Matt is a dynamic Coach and Facilitator who brings theory to life through experiential learning. He ensures clients feel valued and empowered whether in one-to-one, small groups, or large audience settings, focusing on communication, presentation, leadership, and performance management skills.

With experience across diverse sectors, his warm and interactive facilitation style leads to rewarding and impactful training sessions.

Andy Capie

Coach & Facilitator

Andy is a versatile and focused Coach and Facilitator with a successful background in acting, presenting, and sports commentary. He excels in designing and delivering workshops, drawing upon effective communication skills and storytelling.

His diverse delivery repertoire includes leadership and management development, change management, personal impact, presentation skills and communication.

Julia Montague

Communication Skills Coach

Julia is a qualified Speech and Drama Coach and her background in professional acting equips her with a unique and powerful skill set to coach and facilitate leaders in communicating with gravitas and confidence. Over the past eighteen years, she has worked with businesses across a range of sectors including Pharmaceutical, Retail and Finance.

Julia’s energetic, humble, and humorous approach empowers clients to step out of their comfort zone and deliver impactful messages with confidence.

Claire Burgess

Leadership Coach

Claire is an experienced Leadership Coach specialising in empowering female leaders across diverse business types, from start-ups to larger organisations. Her coaching has enabled women to secure promotions, new leaders to establish themselves and build relationships with their teams, and established leaders to respond strategically to business changes.

Claire’s coaching encompasses leading others, managing relationships, emotional Intelligence, assertiveness, and well-being.

Emma Kedge

Communication Consultant, Facilitator, Business Actor & Coach

Emma is a highly experienced Facilitator, Business Actor, and Coach with over 20 years of experience across a wide range of industries, including pharmaceuticals, finance, sport and healthcare.

She excels in building excellent rapport and trust, enabling her to deliver challenging feedback, encourage behavioural change and gain tangible results. Her main focus of work is on communication, personal impact and storytelling.



Inclusion means creating spaces where every voice is heard, everyone is invited in and every story is valued. We ensure our clients feel empowered to be their authentic selves.


The world needs compassion and empathy for each person to thrive. Compassion is at the heart of what we do with our clients and we always try to ask ourselves; ‘What is the lived experience of this person?’


We wholeheartedly embrace a playful spirit in our communication, facilitation, and client relationships and are committed to infusing joy, creativity, and a sense of fun into all we do. We understand when people are having fun, they feel inspired, confident and motivated.


“Sarah has designed and delivered sessions for us to stimulate and encourage our women employees to flourish in their work. These sessions have been very well attended and have received excellent feedback as they provide the participants with really well-explained, practical tools to enable them to change their working world. Sarah engages with her audience so well and effects real change for individuals and for the organisation.”

Claire Collins – Professor of Leadership at Henley Business School


“Sarah takes time to really understand the business and individual participant needs – and feedback from participants is outstanding; memorable, thought-provoking and insightful.”

Claire Davis – Head of People at Haines Watt


“Sarah and I have just worked on a Diversity and Inclusion virtual event together. Working with Sarah was fun, thought-provoking and seamless. She clearly has a lot of passion for these topics! Sarah is very personable and this, along with her expansive knowledge makes her a great keynote speaker. She has a warm and kind personality that really shines through in her delivery and the examples she uses during her keynotes make her very relatable, keeping her audience engaged throughout.”

Sophie Hendry – Channel Programs Partner at Hewlett Packard

Sophie Hendry – Channel Programs Partner Hewlett Packard