I’m starting a quiet revolution in the way women access leadership development.

It’s been part of my mission for the last 20 years to help women change their stories and make a difference in their lives. I have been privileged to help them find their purpose, feel more confident and empowered and be the best leader (and version of themselves) they can be.

I have been fortunate enough to work with many innovative global organisations over the years, that are passionate about investing in their female leaders too and building their talent pipeline however, these are challenging times for us all right now. With the economic downturn, many organisations are reorganising and making massive cutbacks. For many, this means there is no longer enough left in the pot for investment in leadership development.

But what does this mean for those who are hungry for change, and driven to become better leaders and fulfil their potential?

What does it mean if leaders can no longer access the development opportunities they need through their organisation?

What is the knock-on effect for the organisations themselves?

Why is leadership development important?

Successful organisations need leaders who have a clear vision, clear purpose, can communicate effectively, and are able to motivate and inspire action in their teams. And the teams that reach peak performance are the ones in which every member feels valued, energised, and resilient enough to flourish.

Leadership development initiatives help leaders gain a greater understanding of themselves and the unique value they bring, along with the practical leadership and management skills they need to help them, and their teams thrive both personally and professionally. And women are hungry for leadership development. They are hungry to learn, be inspired and advance. Many of the women I speak with have experienced marginalisation and micro-aggressions throughout their careers or are working in very male-dominated industries with few females occupying senior roles at the top. This gives them an even greater appetite for excellent professional development.

Evidence shows that women in leadership coaching and development programmes are a hugely effective part of building a more inclusive culture where everyone thrives. More gender diversity, particularly in corporate settings, can translate into many benefits including increased productivity, greater innovation, better products, better decision-making, and higher employee retention and satisfaction.

Whether it’s through in-house leadership development programmes, mentoring or third-party coaching, organisations can shape the next generation of brilliant leaders aligned with the company’s mission and values, filtering it down and embedding it within their teams. This means they not only retain their top talent but attract top talent too, achieving greater success as a result.

So, what next for women in leadership?

In recent months, I have had so many conversations with women who are seeking professional development to drive their careers forward, but they are not always able to access investment within their organisation.

Maybe this a familiar story for you too? Or perhaps a woman in your network?

It might be investment cuts, reorganisations, or even leadership development simply slipping down the agenda. So many people looking for development reach out to me and tell me that there are many barriers and obstacles in their way. In addition, leaders and aspiring leaders often tell me that one-to-one executive leadership coaching is something they simply can’t stretch to with the additional financial pressures so many are experiencing right now.

So, what do you do if leadership development is not available through your organisation, and you don’t have the funds to invest in a one-to-one leadership coaching programme right now?

Women on a Mission is the answer.

I don’t want these barriers to stop anyone from following their own unique path. Supporting women leaders is something I’m so passionate about – to help them build their confidence and personal power and achieve both professional and personal success.

It’s why I have created a programme that is affordable and accessible but still high-quality and value-packed. Women on a Mission is the online self-led version of my flagship Female Leadership Development Programme. I have now collated the most important learning and wisdom and distilled this into an affordable online self-led development programme to reach more high-potential female leaders, and aspiring leaders. The first cohort is running right now!

In 20 years of supporting women leaders, I have seen my clients grow in confidence, find their most authentic voices, hone their unique leadership styles, and boost and maintain resilience even when under pressure.

Women on a Mission is about discovering what makes each leader unique, identifying what they want from their career, and giving them the tools, confidence, and courage to make it happen.

Whilst it’s not a solution to fix the wider access issues, I have designed this to reach so many women who are missing out on progressing their careers and fulfilling their potential. It puts women hungry for development back in the driver’s seat and in control of their own development journeys. I also offer this programme for a discounted fee for women working in not-for-profit or public sector organisations.

And if you are an organisation looking to re-evaluate your leadership development offering, get in touch. I am always delighted to create a bespoke programme for organisations that are perfectly designed to meet their needs.